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Deposition Sources > Electron Beam Evaporation Sources

Electron Beam Deposition Sources - Power Supply Options

Through a combination of an intelligent arc recognition system and the high switching frequency of the power unit, arcs are extinguished extremely fast. This minimizs the energy that would otherwise continue to feed the arc. Full power is returned within 3 to 5 ms to allow the evaporation process to continue. The built-in arc management also supports processes with continuous arching by either setting an arc rate threshold or by automatically switching into a robust recovery mode.

Controller Features:

  • Emission control
  • High voltage control
  • Filament current control
  • Programmable sweep control with bipolar power output
  • Pocket control for DC and stepper motors
  • Sequential evaporation control
  • Functions interlock circuit protection
  • External I/O control, e.g. shutter control
  • Logical I/O addressing
  • Master-Slave mode for simultaneous evaporation

High Voltage Power Supply:

  • Sequential or simultaneous supply for up to three evaporators
  • Robust primary switched mode power supply
  • Arc detection within 200 ns and suppression within 1 µs
  • Full arc recovery within 5 ms
  • Controllable arc management system withstands continuos arching
  • Continuously variable high voltage from 2 kV to 10 kV
  • Up to 4 HV outputs for parallel operation
  • Switchable HV output for glow discharge process (optional)
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • CE certified

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