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KJLC® 1500 Series Diaphragm Manometers

Note The KJLC 1500 Series Diaphragm Manometers are no longer in production. There is no direct replacement available at this time but feel free to contact the KJLC product team at gauging@lesker.com with any additional questions.

A compact and accurate unit for measuring the absolute pressure of any gas or liquid that does not attack 304/316 stainless steels (stainless diaphragm version) or 304 stainless steel/silicon (silicon diaphragm version).


  • Sensors are available in a wide variety of flange and tube terminations
  • Includes 10' sensor cable and 6' line cord
  • Sensor can withstand prolonged bakeout to 100° C

We offer three options for the electronics:

  • Indicator only (no set-points)
  • Controller (with 2 set-points)
  • Active Switch with transmitter (1 set-point)

Indicator & Controller Features:

  • 3-1/2 digit LCD displays reading in Torr (standard), or mbar (optional)
  • Accurate, high-resolution digital measurement for about the same cost as analog devices

Active Switch

  • Plugs directly onto the diaphragm manometer tube, providing an inexpensive means to control your vacuum system
  • Use switch to control backfill pressure on pumping and purge operations, or connect the output to a PC/PLC for digital control driven by the output signal

NOTES: Diaphragm manometer gauge tube sold separately. Power supply and diaphragm manometer gauge tube sold separately.

Specifications Table

Measurement MethodDiaphragm Manometer
Measurement Range0.75-1,500 Torr (1.3 to 2,000 mbar)
Accuracy (% of measurement)1% of reading or ±2 Torr
Temperature (bakeout)100° C (212° F)
Display3-1/2 digit LCD
Materials Exposed to Vacuum304 SS and 316 SS or pure silicon
Repeatability (Typical)±1 Torr
Mounting/Installation OrientationAny
Analog OutputsStandard: 0-1.500 VDC Option for 1/4 DIN: 0-1.500 VDC & 4-20 mA
Response Time<400 milliseconds
Regulation<1% reading change for ±20% V change
Mounting OptionsStandard: Fits Hastings, Varian, TeleVac 2.8" round cutouts Optional: 1/4 DIN enclosure (to CSA standards)
Resolution0.15% of F.S.

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