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Lesker News October 25, 2016


New IMPULSE™ HiPIMS Power Supply

October 19, 2016

      We are proud to introduce the IMPULSE™ HiPIMS power supply.  This supply is a cost effective solution designed for implementing HiPIMS capability to smaller scale coating applications. It is ideal for process development and R&D applications and can be integrated to any existing sputtering system and sputtering source. This supply requires a DC power supply, which is converted to the HiPIMS power.

The IMPULSE unit has a 2kW output and is offered in both a Single and Dual configuration.  The Dual configuration provides the ability to power two (2) independent sources up to 2kW each which is ideal for co-deposition. High repetition rates, up to 2 kHz, enable higher deposition rates with shorter pulses. Another option is to run 4kW into a single source, since both units can be set for either “master” or “slave” mode. The Dual option also has a DC bias option for the substrate.  If a researcher is using the Dual supply with a single source, he can use the additional supply for a DC bias on the substrate. The IMPULSE has both front panel and remote control options with up to five user-selectable presets.  KJLC has these power supplies in stock for immediate delivery. 

KJLC® Announces Exclusive Partnership with Brooks Automation

October 12, 2016

The Kurt J. Lesker Company® is pleased to announce that on October 1st, 2016 they became the exclusive distributor in EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa) for Brooks Automation’s industry leading CTI Brand of Cryopumps, Waterpumps, and Helium Compressors. Brooks Automation is a world renowned company that manufactures technically superior Cryogenic Vacuum pumps and accessories.

This agreement represents significant opportunities for both organizations. Our customers will benefit from the global presence of both companies, combined with the superior reputation and quality of Brooks Automation’s Cryopumps and KJLC’s proven global distribution network, technical support, and complementary products which support a variety of industries and applications.

New PVD75 PRO Line Thin Film Deposition System Platform

August 31, 2016

Kurt J. Lesker Company is proud to introduce the 2017 PVD75 PRO Line Thin Film Deposition System Platform. The 2017 PRO Line Series builds upon the successes of the workhorse PVD75 that has been updated to bring new and exciting innovations to the PVD marketplace. As always the PRO Line PVD75 is available for magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation, and thermal evaporation, but the 2017 PRO Line has been redesigned so that the user can achieve true personalization while “designing” their system. Scientists can configure the system to meet their unique requirements by selecting from the multitude of standard options possible with this tool. They can choose leading edge options such as HiPIMS and pulsed DC sputtering, high temperature (up to 1000 deg C) heating options, ion assisted deposition, zero footprint clean room installation, glove box interface, and “smart” system monitoring and control. Despite its enhanced options, the 2017 tool will be priced below the previous version of our PRO Line system.

Since its initial launch the PVD Series has been the workhorse of our line of deposition systems, with over 1500 systems in the field.  Kurt Lesker’s 2017 PRO Line will become the cornerstone of any research effort.  Go to www.lesker.com/go/2017-PVD75 for more information.

UGIM Conference in Salt Lake City

June 20, 2016

The Kurt J. Lesker Company recently exhibited and participated at the UGIM (University – Government – Industry Micro/nano Symposium) in Salt Lake City. As a workshop sponsor, we were entitled to present  technical talks on June 15th and these Lesker employees presented papers that day:

Dave Manko – V.P. Global Engineering, “Engineering design considerations (mechanical and software) for thin film deposition tools in the Nanofab.”

Rob Belan – Technical Director PVD Products, “New and upcoming technologies in PVD and thin films: HIPIMS, pulsed DC, low pressure sputtering.”

Duane Bingaman – V.P. Process Equipment Division, “Atomic layer deposition: beyond the basics-design and use considerations for high performance ALD.”

KJLC® Wins Innovation Award

June 16, 2016

TORUS Mag KeeperThe Kurt J. Lesker Company won the Innovation Award at the Exhibition on Vacuum Technologies and Materials Treatment last week in Nancy, France for our Hydra~Cool™ chamber cooling technique.

Romain Caignart (shown with the award in the photo), Regional Sales Manager for northern France, gave the presentation about the technical advantages of Hydra~Cool over traditional chamber cooling methods. The people who judged the competition then visited our booth to get more technical details. We are proud to share this award with all of our company, especially with those who worked on developing this new product.


Asia Lunch and Learns

May 26, 2016

TORUS Mag KeeperKurt Lesker (Shanghai) is pleased to announce that J.R. Gaines, the Technical Director for Education at the Kurt J. Lesker Company, is doing Lunch and Learn meetings in Asian countries from May 17th to 27th. The main topics are basic vacuum technology and thin film deposition technology.

So far, Mr. Gaines conducted Lunch and Learns in the National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, and the Institute of Microsystem and today he is at Shanghai Synchrotron.  He will go to the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Lanzhou, Gansu Province on May 26th and 27th. These training sessions are a great help to our Asian customers to help them understand vacuum technology and increase their awareness of vacuum products and our role as a major supplier of vacuum components in Asia. 

J.R.’s courses received good feedback from our customers, teachers and students, and they had good communications with J.R. during the class. We have already received requests for more of these classes in Asian countries in the future.

New Circular Sputtering Source from Kurt J. Lesker Company

May 23, 2016

TORUS Mag Keeper The Kurt J. Lesker Company® is pleased to formally announce the official release of our newest magnetron design─the Torus® Mag KeeperTM UHV compatible circular magnetron sputtering source.  These sources have been specially designed to meet the requirements of the R&D community for a user-friendly source that fits a broad range of applications. With a quick target change feature, enhanced “patent pending” cooling design, low operating pressure capability, and reduced overall footprint, the Mag Keeper design is geared to provide the enhanced performance and flexibility each process requires. In addition, the source is engineered with no O-rings and all ceramic insulators, making it a UHV compatible design option.  For magnetic film deposition, the Mag Keeper offers enhanced high strength magnet options for sputtering up to 3mm thick Fe.

The Mag Keeper is the standard configuration used in our system platforms and offered to our customers worldwide for use in existing systems. Our broad range of mounting options allows us to integrate to any existing mounting requirement.

With offices worldwide, the Kurt J. Lesker Company has the capacity to provide real-time and or on-site support as necessary to make sure our customers are realizing the full scope of our products’ advantages with minimal or no downtime.

The new Mag Keeper sources are in stock and offered in 2”, 3” and 4” target sizes.  Please direct any inquiries to sales@lesker.com.


Kurt J. Lesker IV Named Panelist for Family Business Day in Pittsburgh

May 13, 2016

Kurt IV on Panel for Family Business Day Kurt J. Lesker IV was one of the four panelists featured at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Family Business Day. Kurt was joined by other Family business leaders in the region to discuss communication among generations, what goes on behind the scenes, the factors of effective succession planning, and ways they each manage potentially difficult business decisions among their family. Hundreds of family business owners from around the region gathered to listen and hopefully walk away with valuable ideas and information to implement within their own business and practices.

The panel consisted of:   Michael Mascaro, Executive Vice President/CCO, Mascaro Construction Company (2nd generation);  Kurt J. Lesker IV, President & CEO, Kurt J. Lesker Company (3rd generation);   Karin Mayr, Founder & CEO, Sabika (1st generation); Chuck Turner, President, Turner Dairy (3rd generation). The key note speaker was Vitamix President and CEO Jodi Berg (4th generation).


KJLC Presents Talk at SVC TechCon

May 12, 2016

Jason Hrebik speaking at SVC TechCon 2016KJLC's vacuum expertise was on display Thursday when our own Jason Hrebik gave a session talk on “Advanced Characterization and Performance Comparison in HiPIMS” at the 2016 SVC TechCon. The show itself was very productive, and Jason's talk helped to display KJLC knowledge while supporting our mission of “Enabling Technology for a Better World.”  Our 20’ booth just inside the entrance attracted a lot of attention from show visitors.


New EMEIA Hires & Roles

May 4, 2016

KJLC EMEIA Headquarters are delighted to introduce the new members of our Team: Georgia Baker, Sylvano Graziani, Becky Bowley and Jon Ward!

Georgia joins us as Customer Service Representative, where she will have a strong role supporting the sales team. Georgia has had considerable experience in customer facing roles, most recently at an Insurance company working within retention and fraud.

Sylvano Graziani will be taking on the role of External Sales person for Southern France and French Swiss. Sylvano joins us with over 34 years' experience in the Silicon, Semiconductor, Solar and Aerospace industries.

Becky Bowley joins our Internal Sales team to oversee the UK South territory. Becky has previously had 11 years' experience working for an insurance company where she has gained significant understanding of Customer Service and Sales.

Jon joins the Manufacturing team in the role of Product Specialist. Jon comes from over 20 years' experience in Engineering, having worked in tool making and precision sheet metal.

We look forward to the all skills and knowledge they will bring to Lesker's, and we wish them every success!

We would also like to announce that Piotr Stefaniuk has made the successful transition into the position of Internal Sales person for Eastern Europe North.

Georgia Baker

Sylvano Graziani

Becky Bowley

Jon Ward

Piotr Stefaniuk

Semicon China Success

March 23, 2016

Lesker Semicon China Semicon China 2016 was held from March 15th to 18th in the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. 900 exhibitors and over 20,000 trade visitors were present and acquired information about the latest products, innovation, and brand images in a venue covering over 60,000 square meters.

Kurt Lesker (Shanghai) Trading Company has actively participated in Semicon China over the past 5 years. We had a successful show again this year and we built up our reputation in China through the show. We had good meetings in our booth for three days—there were always lots of visitors around our booth. We received high comments for our professional booth and team from our customers and visitors.

A Chinese saying: The good year starts from a good spring. We believe that with our good quality products, professional staff, and excellent customer relationships, we will have a brighter business in the following 2016.


Duane Bingaman Presents at Northern California Chapter AVS Meeting

February 25, 2016

Duane Bingaman Presenting Duane Bingaman, Vice President-Process Equipment Division, gave a presentation on the “Advances in Thin Film Technology” to a full house at the Northern California AVS meeting.  Duane specifically discussed the technology on low pressure sputter source deposition using precision shadow mask and novel sputter systems design for precision optics.  By all accounts the talk was a huge success to an attendance that was a wide variety of Silicon Valley professionals involved in the NCCAVS. ​ KJLC will continue to be involved in local AVS chapters to share our expertise and to brand our company as the experts in vacuum science.


Hyperloop “Break A Pod” Contest

February 1, 2016

HyperLoop Concepts Over the weekend, KJLC attended the Hyperloop Design Weekend at Texas A&M University. KJLC was approached by SpaceX to work with them on the construction of the test track this summer, and therefore invited as a VIP to the Pod design event. Over 100 of our University customers were represented with engineering teams and their designs for the best pod possible.  Charlie Ulbricht from our South Central territory was there to represent KJLC and was able to meet with many of our customers. This is an exciting technology that meets KJLC's mission of Enabling Technology for a Better World!


Announcement - New European Roles

January 12, 2016

KJLC Ltd is well positioned from a geographical and cultural perspective to grow our business in Europe, but also to better service our customers in the Middle East, India and Africa which is why we are forming a new region, effective January 1, 2016, called EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa). This new geographical territory will be managed by KJLC Ltd.

Zoran Misetic and the ROW team have done a tremendous job growing the MEIA territory over the past few years. This involved many trips and conference calls at all hours of the night to make sure customers were being serviced effectively.

These geographical territory changes are part of KJLC’s growth strategy and will allow KJLC to take a step closer to becoming our customer’s primary vacuum supplier by providing more real time customer service and local language capabilities.

We are pleased to announce that Richard Whitehouse, Lydia Holt, Piotr Stefaniuk and Francois Clement have taken on new roles within Kurt J. Lesker Company Limited.

Richard Whitehouse, our Internal Sales Manager for EMEIA, shall now also be looking after our Middle Eastern, Indian and African customers as part our new EMEIA office set up in Hastings. Having previously looked after our Dutch and Nordic customers for 10 years, he is looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

Previously Territory Sales for UK South Territory, Lydia is now responsible for; Netherlands and Nordic Countries working alongside Edwin Bakker as Regional Sales Manager. Lydia also maintains her current role as Internal Sales Co-ordinator supporting the Internal Sales Manager.

Piotr joined KJLC Ltd as Customer Service Representative, but now we are pleased to announce that he has taken on a new position as Territory Sales for UK South, joining Paul Goodall as Regional Sales Manager for the area.

Having spent 4 years as Regional Sales Manager for the North of France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Francois now brings his years of expertise as Technical Sales Manager for EMEIA, co-ordinating systems sales in this expanding region.

We wish them every success with these new and exciting challenges!

Richard Whitehouse

Lydia Holt

Piotr Stefaniuk

Francois Clement

Introducing ‐ Anja Wright!

Please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our team at European Headquarters, Anja Wright. Anja joins us as Territory Sales for Germany (North and East). Fluent in German and with 5 years' experience in the vacuum industry, Anja is sure to be an excellent addition to the sales team.

Anja Wright


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