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Process Equipment Division


Thin Film Deposition Systems

KJLC® manufactured our first thin film vacuum deposition system over 35 years ago at our U.S. headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa. We now offer various different computer-controlled PVD, Organic, and ALD system platforms to support varying levels of R&D. Read More >>

Deposition Techniques

Systems manufactured by KJLC encompass a variety of deposition techniques including Electron Beam, Thermal Evaporation, Point Source Evaporation, Sputtering, Atomic Layer Deposition, and Multi-Technique tools. Read More >>

PED Service & Support

KJLC's Service & Support team provides reliable technical, repair, and on-site field service for our system platforms, TORUS® sputtering cathodes, pumps, power supplies, and many other products. Read More >>

Thin Film Deposition System Components

KJLC offers a full range of deposition sources, power supplies, and system components through our PED Division. Read More >>


Our Quality Mission: "The Kurt J. Lesker Company provides a quality vacuum product delivered on time and produced by a qualified team committed to becoming our customer's primary vacuum supplier choice." Read More >>


Process Equipment Division Overview

The experienced engineers and designers of the Process Equipment Division™ help lead the development of products, systems, and services to meet the ever-evolving demands of vacuum customers in advanced research and industrial positions around the world. Operating from a mindset dedicated to making our customers more productive and successful, the Process Equipment Division offers custom vacuum system solutions–a legacy of fresh thinking that expands KJLC's scope of products to all production and research projects.

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Global KJLC Systems Service and Support

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Phone: 412.387.9128
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Phone: (+44) 1424-458100
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Phone: (+86) 21-50115900
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For other regions please e-mail:systemscustomerservice@lesker.com


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