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Thin Film Deposition Systems (Sputtering, ALD, E-beam & Thermal Evaporation)

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PVD Systems (Physical Vapor Deposition Systems) – PVD75 Systems
ALD Systems (Atomic Layer Deposition Systems) – ALD150LX System Cluster Tool
Organic Material Deposition Systems – SPECTROS System
Thin Film Deposition Cluster Tools – OCTOS
Custom Vacuum Systems – LUMINOS Cluster With CVD Module & Wafer Cassette Loader

Lab & Demo Equipment for Sale
Click here for a listing of our current Lab and Demo Equipment that is available for immediate delivery.

We manufactured our first thin film vacuum deposition system over 35 years ago at our U.S. headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Hundreds of systems later, our proven Process Equipment Division™ with engineering, manufacturing, and clean-room assembly areas in the U.S. and U.K., design and manufacture PVD, Organic, and ALD deposition systems to suit your process application needs.

We now offer more than 15 different process-controlled thin film vacuum deposition system platforms to support varying levels of vacuum coating needs, from compact, stand-alone thermal evaporation, sputtering, and atomic layer deposition systems to fully-integrated multi-technique deposition cluster tools. We have the right platform to support your level of research.

We design, assemble, and test systems for smaller R&D applications, complex multi-chamber computer-controlled cluster tool systems for OLED/PLED production, and everything in between. Our systems can include a variety of deposition techniques, including magnetron sputtering (RF, DC, and Pulsed DC) sources in both linear and circular configurations, ion sources for substrate cleaning and assisted deposition, electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation for metals and organics, and atomic layer deposition techniques.

If you would like to learn more about our systems, click here to view our Thin Film Deposition Systems Technical Notes page.


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