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MKS® GV50A Digital Mass Flow Controller

Multi-gas/multi-range, elastomer sealed, digital mass flow controller for rates up to 50 slm with a incorporated shut-off valve

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Warning Notes: If gases other than the calibrated gas are used, the user is responsible for ensuring seal material compatibility.

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MKS GV50A Digital Mass Flow Controller

1. Series: Type MFC Mass Flow Controller GV50A {GV50A}
2. Gas:
3. Flow Range Full Scale:
4. Fittings :
5. Connector:
6. Seal Materials:
7. Reserved for MKS Future Use: Standard {0}
8. Firmware: MKS will ship current firmware. If something else is needed, please contact KJLC. {20}

Accessories Table

Description Part No Price Add
Description Part No Price Add
246C Single Channel Display, Power Supply / Readout
247D 4 Channel Sequential Display, Power Supply / Readout
15 Pin Sub-D 3-meter cable
9 Pin Sub-D 3-meter cable


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