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Wobble Sticks:

Linear Motion Wobble Stick (WSL) Linear and Rotary Motion Wobble Stick (WSLR) Linear and Rotary Motion with Gripper or Pincer Options
The WSL version provides lateral/tilt movement through a robust hydroformed bellows adapter and linear push/pull motion through a magnetic coupling. The WSLR series provides continuous rotation, totaling four axes of movement. This series provides 3 or 4 axes of movement in addition to gripper/pincer jaws, puck style, flag style and ESCA stub options ensure complete system integration throughout all experimental modules

The wobble stick is one of the simplest manipulation tools available, translating hand movements, with defined freedom, through a vacuum enclosure.

The wobble stick series is based upon UHV Design's PowerProbe technology, which provides high power linear and rotary motion through a magnetic coupling, combined with tilt. The wobble stick range includes three series, the:

  • WSL series, for linear and tilt motion
  • WSLR series, for linear, rotary and tilt motion
  • WSLR-P series, for linear, rotary, tilt and 1" diameter puck gripper
  • WSLR-F series, for linear, rotary, tilt, and flag pincer
  • WSLR-E series, for linear, rotary, tilt, and ESCA stub gripper

For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Manipulation & Motion please see this link: Manipulation & Motion FAQ.


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