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Sample Manipulation & Motion Sample Manipulation and Motion > XYZ Manipulators > Multi-Axis Manipulation

XY Stage: Rotatable Axis MultiBase


  • Rotatable Axis of Motion Orientation
  • Up to ±31mm of X & Y Motion
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • Robust construction for high loads

The Rotatable Axis MultiBase X-Y manipulator enables the X and Y axes to be rotated about the axis of the manipulator, while under vacuum, such that they can be aligned precisely with a particular port axis on a chamber.

The feature is particularly useful when using techniques where focusing is absolutely critical, and the user wants to move the sample along the axis of a gun or lens, etc. mounted on ports which are not exactly parallel or perpendicular to the manipulator axes.

Using the Rotatable Axis MultiBase, the sample can be precisely moved along the axis of any port until optimum focusing is achieved. It can then be moved orthogonally to explore other areas of the sample without losing focus.

A conventional X-Y stage would require repeated ‘step’ movements in the X and Y axes to reach a specific location, followed by further ‘stepping’ motions on each axis to travel along the desired path or angle. The Rotatable Axis MultiBase removes this requirement, greatly simplifying positioning and focusing tasks.

NOTE: The top and base flanges do not rotate with respect to one another, but rather the manipulator mechanism and actuators are rotated around the flanges. Using the Rotatable Axis MultiBase manipulator together with z-shifts, rotary drives and other sample handling options provides a complete, truly eucentric UHV stage to be assembled without resorting to using a sliding seal or differentially pumped rotary drives.

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NOTE: Fixed flange supplied with tapped holes as standard, clear holes available on request.

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