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NANO 36™ – Affordable, Compact Sputtering or Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System

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  • KJLC's most affordable deposition system platform, designed specifically with the entry to mid level user in mind.
  • It showcases our ability to provide the versatility and reliability that the Kurt J. Lesker Company has become known for around the world
  • The NANO 36 is designed to accommodate most evaporation processes, or it can be configured for magnetron sputtering applications
  • The NANO 36 is highly capable, affordable, and has a compact form factor


  • Thermal Evaporation: When equipped with Thermal Baseplate
  • Magnetron Sputtering: When equipped with Torus Sputter sources


  • Adaptable chamber options
  • Compact integrated design
  • High speed diffusion pump(standard)
  • Programmable Logic controller with touch screen interface
  • Film thickness monitor, FTM-2400 or FTC-2800 controller

Multi-technique options

  • 1"-4" Torus® circular magnetron sputtering sources

PLC control

  • This affordable, full feature system offers reliable PLC control with a color touch screen interface
  • Single button commands and manual operation are accessed from the touch screen
  • This offers a simple and convenient user interface with the NANO 36 Depostion System

Film thickness control

  • Evaporation methods are controlled via a quartz crystal sensor in conjunction with a thin film controller
  • The controller offers ease of use and reliability that is necessary to control the most demanding evaporation processes

Twist-Lock platen with quartz crystal monitor head.

Front Panel Film Thickness Controller

Thermal Evaporation Source

Up to Four thermal evaporation sources can be accommodated. The thermal sources are well shielded from each other and the chamber by the use of shielding.
  • The NANO 36 can be configured with four thermal evaporation sources on the base plate
  • The evaporation sources are sufficiently isolated from each other by shields to prevent cross contamination
  • The sources also are stood off of the base plate of the chamber and are mounted on water cooled posts to limit excess heating of the chamber
  • Thermal sources can be filament, basket heaters, box heaters, boats (coated and uncoated), rods, and screens
  • Easy access to the boats and the mounting posts makes these sources very user friendly
  • The Kurt J. Lesker Company is a global supplier of a larger range of deposition sources and deposition materials
  • The user has control of the entire deposition system through the intuitive and easy to learn PLC.


  • Dry Roughing Pump or 300 l/s Turbo Pump
  • Substrate rotation
  • Heating to either 150°C or 350°

Chamber Options

  • Chamber choices are either a simple 12" x 18" Pyrex Glass Bell Jar or a 16"x16" Stainless Steel Box Chamber
  • The box chamber door opens wide for easy chamber access
  • Maintenance of the chamber, source replenishment, and source change out can be performed in a matter of minutes

12"x 18" Pyrex Glass Bell Jar
(included implosion guard not shown)

16"x16" Box Chamber
with Door Wide Open

Flat plate substrate fixture

  • Substrate options include primary rotation and heating up to 350°C with dual quartz lamp heaters
  • The NANO 36 can accommodate up to an 8" diameter substrate mounting plate
  • One single 8" wafer or multiple smaller wafers can be held in place
  • The substrate plate can be easily removed or placed into the system with either a "lift up and out" hub mount or a twist-lock mounting

1. Dual Quartz Lamp Heaters
2. Substrate Plate on central twist lock hub. Substrate can be held in a fixed position or rotated about the central shaft.

Pin/Hub mounted platen can easily be lifted and removed with one hand.

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