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KJLC Is Co-Developing SPION Technology

May 04, 2015 | By KJLC Blog

A multipurpose source has been constructed that can operate either as a magnetron sputtering cathode, an end-Hall ion source, or both simultaneously depending on the applied voltage. A conical electrode with a major diameter of 6.5 cm and included angle of 90 degrees is combined with a magnetic field that forms a plasma trap above the electrode and also extends beyond the electrode opening. A hot filament generates electrons when operating as an ion source. Using an Al electrode, all three modes of operation have been demonstrated. Sputtering with an applied voltage of -390 V produced an Al film at a specific deposition rate of 4.0 (nm/min)/(W/cm2). By applying +340 V to the electrode at an Ar pressure of 1 mT and filament current of 25 A, a thermally grown SiO2 layer was etched at a rate of 5.2 nm/min. Finally, using a 40 kHz bipolar power supply to apply an alternating positive and negative voltage to the electrode at a total power of 200 W, a reactively sputtered Al2O3 film was deposited arc-free at a specific rate of 1.1 (nm/min)/(W/cm2). The values for n and k (632 nm) for the Al2O3 were 1.67 and 0.001 respectively.

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