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Vacuum-Enabled Thin Film Deposition Advances Energy Storage Technologies

July 20, 2016 | By KJLC Innovate

The concept of energy storage in thin films has been around for a long time. One of the early uses of the term 'Thin Film Battery' (TFB) was in a 1976 patent by Exxon [1]. Nearly 20 years later, Bates and his team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) patented the sputter-based, all solid state battery utilizing the electrolyte LiPON [2]. The Bates battery paired LiCoO2 and Li3PO4-xNx (LiPON) to produce a 4 volt secondary cell.

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Alternative Heat Transfer Fluids Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Semiconductor Industry

July 11, 2016 | By KJLC Blog

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the semiconductor industry comprise a tiny contribution to the global climate change issue, at less than <0.2% (ref 1). However, with a strategic act of brilliance, the industry has adopted voluntary measures, going back to the mid '90s. These measures have enabled this industry to reduce its contribution to emissions that may cause global climate change by more than 30%, when the goal of the initial program was only a 10% reduction. For most other industries that would have been an unachievable feat (ref 2, World Semiconductor Council).

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