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End Use Declaration Form

Thank you for your interest in the Kurt J. Lesker Company for your vacuum science and technology needs.

In order to process your request, or if this is your first time purchasing from us, please complete the End Use Declaration Form below. Please fill in the form with all required information, providing as much detail as possible regarding your use of our products in your area of research and/or application. Thank you again for choosing the Kurt J. Lesker Company.

End Use Certification
In accordance with Kurt J. Lesker Company's corporate compliance policy, Kurt J. Lesker Company requires that its customers certify to Kurt J. Lesker Company that they (i) understand, (ii) currently comply with and (iii) will at all times remain in compliance with all of the laws, regulations and policies described below. We must receive this End-Use Certification signed by you before we can process further orders from you. We reserve the right to request a new or updated End-Use Certification from you every two years, or more frequently, in our sole discretion.

By signing and returning to us this End-Use Certification, Customer hereby certifies to, and agrees with, Kurt J. Lesker Company as follows:

1) Customer understands and currently complies with, and no products acquired by Customer from Kurt J. Lesker Company will be exported, re-exported, sold or transferred in violation of, (a) United States laws and regulations, including without limitation the United States' Export Administration Regulations; and (b) applicable United States sanctions or embargoes, including those administered by the United States Department of Treasury. Without limiting the foregoing, Customer is not, nor will Customer make products purchased from Kurt J. Lesker Company available to, a company or individual prohibited from receiving United States origin items, such as a company or individual listed on (a) the United States Bureau of Industry and Security's "Denied Persons List", "Entity List" or "Unverified List", (b) the United States Department of State's "Debarred List" or (c) any other published United States government list of denial, restriction or prohibition.

2) Products acquired by Customer from Kurt J. Lesker Company will not be used, directly or indirectly, in nuclear explosive activities, in unsafeguarded nuclear activities or in the design, development, production, stockpiling or use of chemical weapons, biological weapons, missiles, rockets or unmanned air vehicles.

3) Customer is not a national of, nor will Customer make this product available to a national of, any country or group under a United States trade embargo, sanction or restriction. Customer acknowledges that Kurt J. Lesker Company is prohibited from participating in or supporting international boycotts of certain foreign countries, including Israel, if such boycotts are not sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

4) This End-Use Certification is true and correct to the best knowledge of Customer. Customer does not know of any facts, and does not have any intentions, that are inconsistent with this Certification. Customer will promptly send a replacement End-Use Certification to Kurt J. Lesker Company disclosing any material change of facts or intentions described in this Certification that occur after this Certification is prepared and forwarded to Kurt J. Lesker Company.


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