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The electrical and thermal ratings specified are of safe operating limits determined by various factors including material properties, mechanical design, and the intended operating environment. All electrical ratings are based on operation with one side in dry atmosphere and the other side in vacuum of less than 1 x 10-4 Torr. All VacuCAD files as well as any dimensions shown or listed in our ordering tables do not include manufacturing tolerances and are provided for reference only.
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T/C Pairs: 1
T/C Type: K
Conductor Material: Chromel (+) / Alumel (-)
Conductor Diameter: 0.062
Conductor Diameter (Metric): 1.6
Atm Side Termination: Miniature Thermocouple
Vac Side Termination: Probe Tip
Shield : SST Sheath
Flange Mounting: KF40

Dimensional Drawings