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O-V202 O-RING,FKM,.234"ID X .139"W (ACT),1/4"ID X 1/8"W (NOM)

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Color is subject to change without notice based on availability.
Please Note that a minimum order quantity may apply for certain O-rings.
We stock hundreds of O-rings rated for vacuum use in a variety of diameters, cross sectional areas, and materials. For common sizes typically used in KF, ISO, and ASA components, please see listings in those sections of our web site.
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O-Ring Color Brown
O-Ring Material 9505-75 Fluorocarbon
O-Ring Cross Section 0.139
O-Ring Cross Section (Metric) 3.53
O-Ring ID 0.234
O-Ring ID (Metric) 5.94
O-Ring OD 0.512
O-Ring OD (Metric) 13.00
O-Ring Size 202

Dimensional Drawings
Contact Us - O-V202 - O-RING,FKM,.234"ID X .139"W (ACT),1/4"ID X 1/8"W (NOM)