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Lesker U Live! is series of free webinars spanning many topics taught by leading vacuum experts.

Lesker U provides the following:

  • High-value vacuum expert training
  • A solid base of understanding surrounding vacuum technology
  • Deep dives on specific vacuum technology topics

All Lesker U Live! Webinars

Methods to Enhance Thickness Uniformity of Thin Films by Physical Vapor Deposition

Thickness uniformity across thin films produced by physical vapor deposition requires a comprehensive understanding of a variety of techniques including thermal and e-beam evaporation as well as sputtering. Characteristics including flux density and distribution, the effects of process pressure, adatom energies, target and substrate biases, throw distance and substrate manipulation must all be considered. System-dependent features including deposition system design and source-to-substrate orientation will be discussed. Several approaches to monitor and measure thin film thickness, in-situ and post deposition, will be included with examples. In this webinar, Lesker experts will review fundamental characteristics of a variety of standard physical vapor deposition techniques and strategies to insure thickness uniformity across a range of substrate sizes.

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is a Research Technologist in our Process Equipment Division with a specialty in organic thin film deposition. He is an organic electronics expert with more than 10 years of research experience in the field of organic photovoltaics and organic LED's. He has more than 25 publications on organic electronics in high-impact technical journals. He has extensive knowledge of vacuum-enable thin film processing and is currently focused on the development of novel deposition techniques for future organic electronic devices.



Introduction to Solid-State Thin Film Batteries

Solid-state thin film batteries represent a breakthrough in energy storage for mobile electronic devices. In addition, thin film energy storage structures provide an opportunity to explore the theoretical limits of various cathode/electrolyte/anode combinations which may illuminate potential materials for large scale batteries for electric vehicles. The course will introduce the concept of solid-state thin film batteries, review currently available deposition techniques and highlight the benefits and limitations of this novel battery. Future directions to improve energy density through alternative materials combinations and 3-dimensional device designs will also be discussed.

Duration: 2 Hour(s)

Expert(s): J.R. Gaines

J.R. Gaines is the Technical Director of Education for the Kurt J. Lesker Company, (Jefferson Hills, PA). The Lesker Company is a global scientific equipment manufacturer supplying materials and tools for vacuum-enabled innovation. Gaines has more than 40 years of experience in the research, development and commercialization of advanced materials technologies including superconductivity, semiconductors, cryogenics, space simulation, energy generation, energy conversion and storage. His experience includes vacuum systems, thin film deposition, inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology and advanced ceramic processing.



Vacuum Pumps for Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

The achievement of ultra-high vacuum pressures in a research or industrial system requires some extraordinary measures. Accordingly, the vacuum pumps required to reach 10-9 - 10-12 Torr are also extraordinary. In this webinar we will discuss some of the heroic measures required to achieve ultra-high vacuum and review the range of tools designed specifically to remove or trap the last few remaining gases present at these very low pressures. The course will include details on the operating principles of sputter ion pumps, sublimation pumps, and other techniques that can be employed to reach and maintain UHV pressures.

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Garrett Grenek

Garrett Grenek is the Vacuum Pump Product Manager for the Kurt J. Lesker Company. Beginning his career in design and and application support, Mr. Grenek and his team consult with thousands of customers globally each year on applications from central vacuum to ultra high vacuum systems.



Vacuum Gauge Technology: An Overview of Pressure Control for Vacuum Systems

The control of pressure in vacuum systems can be critical to the achievement of process parameters necessary for certain vacuum-enabled processes. While application like thin film deposition by thermal and e-beam evaporation are enhanced by extremely low operating pressures, other techniques, like sputtering and certain chemical processes, can only be accomplished at pressures which are significantly HIGHER than the base pressure achievable by a high vacuum pumping system. The control of pressure in vacuum can be achieved by a variety of techniques. In this webinar several techniques will be described, with examples, to control operating pressure in vacuum. Both manual and automated techniques will be discussed as they apply to various applications.

Duration: 1.5 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Evan Sawyer

Evan Sawyer is the Global Product Manager for Instrumentation and Pressure Measurement at the Kurt J Lesker Company. He has utilized his background in chemistry to deep dive into the internal workings of an RGA and help provide support for news users.



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