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Lesker U Live! is series of free webinars spanning many topics taught by leading vacuum experts.

Lesker U provides the following:

  • High-value vacuum expert training
  • A solid base of understanding surrounding vacuum technology
  • Deep dives on specific vacuum technology topics

Other Lesker U Live! Webinars

Pressure Measurement for High & Ultra High Vacuum Applications

Like vacuum pump technology, the vast differences in molecular density at atmosphere and high or ultra-high vacuum require a multitude of pressure measurement techniques. This course describes a wide range of pressure measurement approaches as well as the pros and cons of each device. Certain process-specific characteristics are identified that might guide the user on the selection of the suite of instruments required to cover large pressure ranges.

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Evan Sawyer

Evan Sawyer is the Global Product Manager for Instrumentation and Pressure Measurement at the Kurt J Lesker Company. With a background in Chemistry, Evan is one of KJLC's product experts and specializes in chemical compatibility / reactivity, pressure measurement, pressure control, and gas analysis. Evan's talents have enabled him to contribute to many different system designs and upgrades for his global clientele. His skills also include troubleshooting instrumentation issues and the creation of technical documentation for his products to further assist the scientific community.



Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

Reactive Sputtering (RS) adds an element of inorganic chemistry to the process of sputtering where metal oxides, nitrides, and other species can be produced, as films, from elemental or compound sputtering sources. This class reviews the rational for reactive sputtering and covers a review of the sputtering process, a discussion of the gas-phase chemistry that takes place during RS, how the process is monitored, compositional control, substrate bias, the effect of magnetic fields, and a general review of the issues critical to successful RS. The class will include an opportunity for Q&A with our technical expert.

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Dominic Fulgoni

Dr. Dominic Fulgoni is a vacuum technology expert and a member of our Process Equipment Division where he provides deposition system installation, service, and applications engineering for our clients in Europe and elsewhere. He has vast experience in the semiconductor industry with a variety of thin film deposition techniques including, SS-MBE, RP-CVD, MOCVD, and magnetron sputtering with a particular interest in HIPIMS and Reactive Sputtering. Dr. Fulgoni holds a PhD in Semiconductor Physics from The University of Warwick and a master's degree in physics from the University of Leicester.



Intro to Solid-State Thin Film Batteries

Solid-state thin film batteries represent a breakthrough in energy storage for mobile electronic devices. In addition, thin film energy storage structures provide an opportunity to explore the theoretical limits of various cathode/electrolyte/anode combinations which may illuminate potential materials for large scale batteries for electric vehicles. The course will introduce the concept of solid-state thin film batteries, review currently available deposition techniques, and highlight the benefits and limitations of this novel battery. Future directions to improve energy density through alternative materials combinations and 3-dimensional device designs will also be discussed.

Duration: 1.25 Hour(s)

Expert(s): J.R. Gaines

J.R. Gaines is the Technical Director of Education for the Kurt J. Lesker Company, (Jefferson Hills, PA). The Lesker Company is a global scientific equipment manufacturer supplying materials and tools for vacuum-enabled innovation. Gaines has more than 40 years of experience in the research, development and commercialization of advanced materials technologies including superconductivity, semiconductors, cryogenics, space simulation, energy generation, energy conversion and storage. His experience includes vacuum systems, thin film deposition, inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology, and advanced ceramic processing.



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