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Lesker U Live! is series of free webinars spanning many topics taught by leading vacuum experts.

Lesker U provides the following:

  • High-value vacuum expert training
  • A solid base of understanding surrounding vacuum technology
  • Deep dives on specific vacuum technology topics

Introduction to PVD: Evaporation

This class presents the basics of evaporation of materials to make thin films. Concentrating primarily on resistive thermal evaporation and electron beam evaporation as the primary methods of deposition. It explores the importance of thermal conductivity within each technique and how it can be used to produce high quality and consistent results. The first 1/2 hour is devoted to evaporation basics and resistive thermal evaporation. the second 1/2 hour is dedicated to e-beam evaporation. Class is suitable for beginners in this technique as well as serving as a good refresher for those more experienced.

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Rob Belan

Rob Belan is the Technical Director of PVD Products for the Kurt J. Lesker Co. with more than 35 years of PVD thin film and vacuum system experience. Rob has worked in research and industry making thin films for various microelectronic devices as well as optical components. Over these years he has developed expertise in magnetron sputtering, resistive thermal evaporation, and electron beam evaporation of thin films. He has taught courses in these topics world wide combining theoretical and practical teaching methods.



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