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Lesker U Live! is series of free webinars spanning many topics taught by leading vacuum experts.

Lesker U provides the following:

  • High-value vacuum expert training
  • A solid base of understanding surrounding vacuum technology
  • Deep dives on specific vacuum technology topics

Introduction to Residual Gas Analysis: Characterizing Partial Pressures

The precise characterization of pressure in a vacuum system requires the analysis of the residual gases that are present. Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) or partial pressure analysis provides substantially more data than can be acquired by a simple measure of total pressure. The system uses atomic mass units to distinguish atomic and molecular gases in addition to gas compounds such as CO2, finger prints, pump fluids, and other hydrocarbons. In this webinar the broad range of useful information, including trends in gas composition, outgassing rate, leak detection, and system cleanliness derived from RGA will be discussed. Principles of operation, pressure limits, sensitivity, mass ranges, spectra interpretation, detector placement, start-up and shut-down will also be discussed.

Duration: 1.5 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Evan Sawyer

Evan Sawyer is the Global Product Manager for Instrumentation and Pressure Measurement at the Kurt J Lesker Company. He has utilized his background in chemistry to deep dive into the internal workings of an RGA and help provide support for news users.



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