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Chamber Builder™ Custom Product Creator

Chamber Builder™ Custom Product Creator

Simple to Register.

Easy to Create!

Practical to Implement.

Our intuitive service will guide you through the process of registration, creation and implementation. Welcome to the easiest custom product you've ever ordered.


Need a vacuum chamber, but cannot use one of our standard offerings? Require additional or different ports? The Kurt J Lesker Company has used its extensive experience in making vacuum chambers and combined it with VacuCADSM, the online drawings package, to bring you the Chamber Builder™. This allows YOU to be in control of the design at a price that is right.

  • Modify our standard envelopes to create a custom product that fits your application
  • Produces port ID table and 3D PDF
  • Save or modify your design
  • Software detects conflicts in design
  • Intuitive help functions
  • CF, QF and ISO style ports available
  • Add-to-cart feature for easy ordering
  • Interactive 3D PDF file generated after product is submitted

How Does Chamber Builder™ Work?

Choose a standard shape. These are the base models on which you will create your custom product.

Chamber Builder Screenshot

*Interactive 3D model generated after product is submitted.

Complete the information fields then click submit and an interactive 3D model will be generated. From this interface you will be able to rotate, zoom, detail and generally take a deep look into your creation. You choose what's next Save, Reconfigure, Request a Quotation or Add to Cart and KJLC will contact you. After the Quote you will have a custom product ready for manufacturing.

Then, check out our standard frames and accessories offerings, add any hardware, valves, feedthroughs, gauges and pumps that you need to your order and you will be on your way to getting your chamber solution finalized.

If you have any questions, need help with the chamber design or have delivery requirements, contact us by clicking here or contact your local KJLC office and they will arrange for a manufacturing expert to contact you.

For problems downloading files, viewing 3D models, or other related questions read our Chamber Downloads FAQ.

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