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Overall Dimensions
Chamber Type: Diameter / Style:
End 1 / Door: End 2 / Door:

Port Specifications Qty Style Port Specifications Qty Style
1.33" UHV Conflat Flange with .75" OD tube 2.12" UHV Conflat Flange with 1" OD tube
2.75" UHV Conflat Flange with 1.5" OD tube 2.75" UHV Conflat Flange with 1.625" OD tube
3.375" UHV Conflat Flange with 2" OD tube 4.5" UHV Conflat Flange with 2.5" OD tube
6" UHV Conflat Flange with 4" OD tube 8" UHV Conflat Flange with 6" OD tube
QF16 (KF16) with .75" OD tube QF25 (KF25) with 1" OD tube
QF40 (KF40) with 1.5" OD tube QF50 (KF50) with 2" OD tube
ISO63 with 2.5" OD tube ISO80 with 3" OD tube
ISO100 with 4" OD tube ISO160 with 6" OD tube
∗ If port size isn't shown or critical tolerances are needed please advise in notes field below.

Surface Finish: Water Cooling With Passivation:

KJLC Supplied Frame Required
Frame Bottom: Electronics Rack: Frame Top:

Special Mounting Provisions Required on Chamber: Hoist / Lift Required:
Customer Facility Notes Size Restrictions/ Voltage Needs, Etc

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