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Chamber Downloads Service FAQ


When I click on a DXF or STP link my browser displays a bunch of code and meaningless text?

  • When you "left click" on a link some browsers (mistakenly) try and load (display) that link instead of prompting you to save/download the file
  • Try "right clicking" on the link, instead of "left clicking", and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (actual text will vary depending on your browser)
  • You should now be prompted to save the file to your PC instead of seeing meaningless code in your browser window

I clicked on the PDF link, but my browser window displays a white screen with an empty box and the PDF file never loads?

  • You may not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed -> download it
  • Especially with IE, the Acrobat plugin may not be configured/installed -> "right click" on the link, save to disk, and then view using Acrobat program instead of through IE browser window plugin

The 3D(PDF) model does not display in my Chrome browser. How can I see it?

  • The Chrome default PDF viewer plugin must be disabled to view 3D PDF models correctly.
  • Please refer to the Google Chrome Help page, under the 'additional tips' section, for instructions on disabling the default PDF viewer.