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Customer Satisfaction Survey

At the Kurt J. Lesker Company we pride ourselves on continually striving to improve our products and services. Please help us identify areas where we could improve our services by completing the brief survey below. All information is treated as confidential and will remain the exclusive property of KJLC and will not be distributed to any other parties.

1. How would you rate the vacuum expertise of the Kurt J. Lesker Company?

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2. How well do our products and services meet your expected technical requirements?
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3. How would you rate your E-commerce / overall website experience with KJLC?
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4. How does our pricing serve you when comparing KJLC to the competition?
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5. How does our delivery serve you when comparing KJLC to the competition?
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6. When phoning KJLC how satisfied are you with the service you receive?
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7. How would you rate the overall quality of your relationship with KJLC considering all your experience with us?
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8. Is the Kurt J. Lesker Company your primary vacuum partner?
Why or why not?
What can the Kurt J. Lesker Company do to make you a more satisfied customer?
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