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Ceramic Materials Manufacturing Division Products List

Following is a partial list of material compositions manufactured by the Kurt J. Lesker Company Ceramic Materials Manufacturing division.

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A comprehensive list of products follows:

Material Names A - C

Alumina, Al2O3
Barium Cerium Yttrium Zirconate, BaCe(1-x-y)Y(x)Zr(y)O3
Barium Ferrite, BaFe12O19
Barium Strontium Titanate, Ba(1-x)Sr(x)TiO3
Barium Titante, BaTiO3
Barium Zirconate, BaZrO3
Bismuth Calcium Ferrite, Bi0.9Ca0.1FeO3
Bismuth Dysprosium Iron Gallate, Bi2DyFe4GaO12
Bismuth Ferrite, BiFeO3
Bismuth Lanthanum Ferrite, Bi(1-x)LaxFeO3
Bismuth Lutetium Iron Gallate, Bi1.5Lu1.5Fe4GaO12
Bismuth Manganate, Bi2.4MnO3
Bismuth Oxide, Bi2O3
Calcium Manganate, CaMnO3
Calcium Titanate, CaTiO3
Cerium Bismuth Ferrite, Ce2.2Bi0.8Fe5O12
Cerium Oxide, CeO2
Cerium Yttrium Ferrite, Ce2.5Y0.5Fe5O12
Cobalt Ferrite, CoFe2O4
Cobalt Oxide, CoO

Material Names D - M

Erbium Oxide, Er2O3
Europium Nickel Oxide, EuNiO3
Europium Titanate, EuTiO3
Gadolinium Cerium Oxide, Gd0.2Ce0.8O2
Indium Aluminum Zinc Oxide, In2O3/Al2O3/ZnO 65/16/19 wt%
Indium Ferrite, InFe2O4
Indium Molybdenum Oxide, In2O3/Mo 98/2 wt%
Indium Zinc Oxide, In2O3/ZnO 90/10 wt%
Iron Oxide, Fe2O3
Lanthanum Aluminate, LaAlO3
Lanthanum Copper Manganate, La2CuMnO6
Lanthanum Copper Oxide, La2CuO4
Lanthanum Ferrite, LaFeO3
Lanthanum Gallate, LaGaO3
Lanthanum Lithium Titanate, La(1-x)LixTiO3
Lanthanum Manganate, LaMnO3
Lanthanum Nickel Oxide, LaNiO3
Lanthanum Scandium Oxide, LaScO3
Lanthanum Strontium Chromate, La(1-x)SrxCrO3
Lanthanum Strontium Copper Oxide, La(1-x)SrxCuO4
Lanthanum Titanate, LaTiO3
Lead Calcium Titanate, Pb0.7Ca0.3TiO3
Lead Titanate, PbTiO3
Lead Zirconate Titanate with Niobium, PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 with 1 at% Nb
Lead Zirconate Titanate, PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3
Lead Zirconate, PbZrO3
Lithium Cobalt Oxide, LiCoO2
Lithium Nickel Cobalt Oxide, LiNi(1-x)CoxO2
Lithium Niobate, LiNbO3
Lithium Orthophosphate, Li3PO4
Lithium Silicate, Li4SiO4
Lithium Titanate, Li4Ti5O12
Lithium Zirconate, Li6Zr2O7
Magnesium Oxide, MgO
Magnesium Zinc Oxide, Mg(1-x)ZnxO
Mananese Cobalt Oxide, MnCo2O4

Material Names N - S

Neodymium Aluminate, NdAlO3
Neodymium Copper Oxide, Nd2CuO4
Neodymium Nickel Oxide, NdNiO3
Neodymium Strontium Manganate, Nd(1-x)SrxMnO3
Nickel Ferrite, NiFe2O4
Nickel Oxide, NiO
Potassium Niobate, KNbO3
Praseodymium Cerium Manganate, Pr(1-x)CexMnO3
Praseodymium Nickel Oxide, PrNiO
Samarium Cerium Copper Oxide, Sm(1-x)CexCuO4
Samarium Copper Oxide, SmCuO4 and Sm2CuOx
Sodium Niobate, NaNbO3
Strontium Aluminate doped with Europium, SrAl2O4 with 3 wt% Eu
Strontium Manganate, SrMnO3
Strontium Niobium Titanate, SrNb(1-x)TixO3
Strontium Ruthenate, SrRuO3
Strontium Titanate, SrTiO3
Strontium Zirconate, SrZrO3

Material Names T - Z

Tantalum pentoxide, Ta2O5
Terbium Manganate, TbMnO3
Titanium Ferrite, TiFe2O4
Titanium Oxide, TiO2
Titanium Silicate, Ti0.44Si0.10O
Tungstem Oxide, WO3
Yttrium Ferrite, Y3Fe5O12
Yttrium Manganate, YMnO3
Zinc Oxide doped with Alumina, ZnO with 2% Al2O3
Zinc Oxide doped with Gallium Oxide, ZnO/Ga2O3 95/05 wt%
Zinc Oxide doped with Manganese, ZnO with 0.3 wt% Mn
Zinc Oxide doped with Manganese, ZnO with 4 wt% Mn
Zinc Oxide doped with Scandia, ZnO/Sc2O3 98/02 wt%
Zinc Oxide, ZnO
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