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Conductive Elastomer Discs and Sheets

An economically attractive substitute for silverfilled pastes normally used in target bonding.

When placed between the back of a (clamped, not bonded) target and the cooling well of a magnetron sputter source, these sheets enhance thermal transfer, especially for targets that have poor thermal contact or conductance.

  • Made of a vacuum-compatible 0.020" thick silicone rubber
  • Contain silver-coated copper powder filler
  • Reusable

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Conductive Elastomer Sheets/Discs
NASA Rating Type A
Elastomer Binder Silicone
Conductive Filler Silver/Copper
Volume Resistivity
(as supplied)
0.004 ohm-cm
Hardness 65 Shore
Specific Gravity 1.9
Tensile Strength 200 psi
Elongation 100%
Tear Strength 40 lb./in.
Compression Set
(70 hrs @ 100˚)
Low Temp Flex -65˚C
Max. Continuous Use Temp 125˚C

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Ordering Table

Size Part Number Price In Stock Add To
Size Part Number Price In Stock Add To
1.0" Diameter
EJBPEL01A $46.00 Call for Availability
2.0" Diameter
EJBPEL02A $67.00 Call for Availability
3.0" Diameter
EJBPEL03A $77.00 In Stock
4.0" Diameter
EJBPEL04A $87.00 Call for Availability
5.0" Diameter
EJBPEL05A $97.00 Call for Availability
6.0" Diameter
EJBPEL06A $220.00 In Stock
8.0" Diameter
EJBPEL08A $325.00 In Stock
Bulk Sheet (10" x 15" x 0.02")
EJBPEL1015X2 $650.00 Call for Availability
10.0" Diameter
EJBPEL10A P.O.R. Call for Availability
EJBPELT10 P.O.R. Call for Availability