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Silver-Filled Paste

Made specifically for sputter targets.

This viscous sealant fills small scratches and surface imperfections better than indium foil, often dramatically improving target cooling.

  • A mixture of low vapor pressure vacuum fluid and silver powder
  • Combines excellent thermal/electrical conductive properties with high vacuum compatibility
  • No silicone-based material
  • Does not harden
  • Can be removed with methanol or acetone to leave a virtually contamination-free surface
  • Its electrical conduction makes it perfect for DC sputtering


  • Each jar contains sufficient paste to coat a 5" x 15" rectangle or a 10" diameter circle
  • Includes utensils for applying and spreading the paste

DIRECTIONS: Apply the silver-filled paste to the contact surfaces between the back of the sputter target and cooling plate.

NOTE: Do not use silver-filled paste on ceramic or porous metal targets.


Silver-Filled Paste
Operating Range 10°C-160°C
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C 2 x 10-9 Torr
Density 1.97 g/cc
Color Gray
Thermal Conductivity @ 23 °C 0.7 W/m.K (typical)
Shelf Life 4-5 months

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Silver-Filled Paste
50 g Jar
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