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Evaporation Materials and Sputter Targets Technical Notes

KJLC™ is ISO Certified ISO:9001

The Kurt J. Lesker Company is proud to announce its International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification for quality management. We adhere to the ISO 9001 set of standards required for quality management in business-to-business dealings. These ISO requirements are centered around enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting both customer and regulatory requirements while continually improving performance in this regard.

Through ISO Certification, our Materials Department is better able to serve our thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering customers' needs. Our precision inventory management system and strict packaging requirements ensures your order arrives on time, and ready for your R&D or production vacuum process application. We provide Material Certification Data Sheets to our customers with each order, so you can feel confident ordering precious metals, alloys, and compounds from us knowing you'll receive the exact purity and elemental composition you desire.

See for yourself why our ISO Certified company should be your primary supplier of materials for deposition.

Materials and Purity

The products listed include pure elements, compounds, alloys, inter-metallics, and mixtures (elements and/or compounds mixed to the customer-specified atomic-weight percentages).

A film's purity depends, in part, on the starting material's purity.

Additional contamination may arise from reaction with air, particle transfer during handling or mounting, residual vapors in the vacuum system, and cross-contamination from other deposition sources. However, no degree of system or handling cleanliness can reduce a film's contamination due to original material purity.

NOTE: Only the most frequently ordered purities are listed here. If other purity levels are needed, contact the Sales Department.

Some reactive materials are shipped in a light mineral oil coating. It is important to follow a correct cleaning protocol to remove this oil. If the instructions become detached from the material, or were not provided, contact the Sales Department.

TORUS® Targets

Targets for most TORUS sputter sources are simple disk shapes of constant thickness, listed by their material and diameter. Some older, large diameter TORUS designs require targets that are ring-shaped annuluses.

Bonded targets are thin disks of pure material bonded to an OFHC copper backing plate. Bonded targets are used to reduce target costs in initial deposition tests, particularly for the more expensive materials. Bonding also provides stability for more fragile, brittle materials.

KJLC's Materials Department provides the bonding service or the material disks separately for customers who prefer to provide their own backing plates or bond the target themselves.

Bonded targets are also used in high-power applications where the thinner target offers less thermal resistance and the conductivity of the copper improves conduction to the source's cooling well.

Because the range of possible target shapes and sizes is so vast, we list only disks of uniform thickness. If you don't see a size, shape, or material listed to suit your OEM sputter sources, please contact KJLC's Materials Division at with your requests.

TORUS® Sputter Source Target Sizing Chart

TORUS Source Model Target Diameter Thickness (Non-Magnetic) Thickness (Ferromagnetic Materials)
(Model TRS1)
1" +0.005"/-0.020" 0.120"-0.130" Not suitable for magnetic materials
(Model TRS2 & TM02)
2" +/-0.020" 0.125"-0.255"* Fe: 0.06" Max (HSMA**)
Co & Ni: 0.125" Max (HSMA**)
(Model TRS3 & TM03)
3" +/-0.020" 0.050"-0.255" Fe: 0.08" Max (HSMA**)
Co: 0.125" Max (HSMA**)
Ni: 0.125" (SMA***) or 0.250" Max (HSMA**)
(Model TRS4)
4" +/-0.020" 0.050"-0.255" Fe: 0.08" Max (HSMA**)
Co: 0.125" Max (HSMA**)
Ni: 0.125" (SMA) or 0.250" Max (HSMA**)
(Model TRS6)
6" +0.020" /-0.030" Max 0.625" -
(Model TM07)
7" +0.020" /-0.030" Max 0.625" -
Torus Mag Keeper 2 2" +/-0.010" 0.250" +/-0.010" Fe: 0.055" Max (HSMA**)
Co: 0.080" Max (HSMA**)
Ni: 0.0625" (SMA***) or 0.125" Max (HSMA**)
Torus Mag Keeper 3 3" +/-0.010" 0.375" +/-0.010" Fe: 0.100" Max (HSMA**)
Co: 0.125" Max (HSMA**)
Ni: 0.250" Max (HSMA**)
Torus Mag Keeper 4 4" +/-0.010" 0.375" +/-0.010" Fe: 0.100" Max (HSMA**)
Co: 0.100" Max (HSMA**)
Ni: 0.250" Max (HSMA**)
*Thinner targets can be used by bonding material to copper backing plate.
**HSMA High Strength Magnet Assembly
***SMA Standard Magnet Assembly
Sputter Targets

Sputter Targets

Material Purity

Evaporation Pieces

Deposition Techniques

For more information on thermal evaporation and sputtering techniques of materials, please visit technical information.

Descriptions & Terms

Bond — Bonding is recommended for these materials. Many materials have characteristics which are not amenable to sputtering, such as brittleness and low thermal conductivity. Request more information, please click here.

Density — Some materials and manufacturing methods may yield product with lower than average densities. Lower than average densities will affect performance according to process requirements.

Magnetic — Ferromagnetic materials require additional consideration when selecting configuration/ thickness. High strength magnets or thinner targets may be required. Bonding these materials creates additional concerns due to the increase in distance from the magnets. Contact your magnetron sputter cathode supplier or reference your equipment manual for additional information.

May be packed in oil — Due the highly reactive nature of these materials, packaging in oil is required to reduce the opportunity for oxidation or other reaction. Please click here for the recommended cleaning procedure.

Porosity — Some materials and manufacturing methods may yield product with higher than average porosity. Performance may be affected according to process requirements.

Surface — Some materials and manufacturing methods may yield product with surface imperfections. In many cases, these imperfections are merely visual defects. Performance may be affected according to process requirements.

TREM — Purity for these materials is calculated accounting for Trace Rare Earth Metals(TREM). Non-rare earth elements may be excluded from the total purity calculation.


  • Every effort is made to display correct prices. Wherever possible, we honor the listed price even if the current price is higher. We reserve the right to adjust prices, without notice, even after the material has been ordered.
  • For materials having large daily price fluctuations, we indicate "Call" in the price block.

OEM Targets

The range of target shapes and dimensions used by OEM sputter sources is too large to list every variant. Only disk shapes are shown, but custom sizes, shapes, or profiles for almost any OEM source are available. Contact the Materials Department for details.

Evaporation Materials

Evaporation materials are listed by material and shape, e.g., Al Canes, Al Clips, Al Pellets. For materials and shapes other than those listed, contact the Materials Department.

Contact US

For inquiries regarding pure materials as sputter targets or evaporation pieces, please contact KJLC's Materials Department by clicking here .

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