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Resistive Thermal Evaporator Kits

These starter kits combine all of the necessary components required for thermal evaporation.

Each kit features

  • Water-cooled evaporation feedthrough posts
  • Universal clamping mechanism
  • Shared evaporation "tree" for adjoining multiple sources on a sequentially operated source
  • Cross contamination shielding on multiple source models
  • Choice of flange mounts
  • Optional source shutter (NOTE: A single source shutter is typically used for multiple sources)
  • All contacts, brackets, and necessary switches included

NOTE: Because each application is unique, the filaments, boats, and crucibles need to be specified separately. Power supplies should also be selected per the application. Custom solutions can be offered to fit specific requirements.

Dimensional Drawings

Start Your Configuration

Thermal Evaporators Configuration - Select from the configuration options below to create a part number and price for the Thermal Evaporators required.
Example Configuration: EVSK 3 I X
* 3-position vaporation starter kit on an ISO250 flange with a pneumatic source shutter.

1. Base:
2. Deposition:
3. Positions:
4. Flange Mounts:
5. Shutter:
Part Number:   

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