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TORUS® Mag Keeper™ UHV Compatible Circular Magnetron Sputtering Sources


  • R&D
  • Optics
  • Decorative
  • Medical
  • Sensors

KJLC's Mag Keeper is designed to enable higher operating powers due to a mechanically enhanced cooling well. It is ideal for use in high throughput requirements and also enables quick target change with its magnetic keeper design, which secures the target to the source. The design has NO o-rings and utilizes ceramic insulators, making it both UHV and high temp compatible.

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The KJLC RAP program offers the ability to build a magnetron and power supply package ideal for your application. Click here to build your package and save up to 30%.
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For a downloadable datasheet on this product, please click here.
Product Video
Click the link to watch a video demo of the TORUS MAG KEEPER Target Change.
Magnetron Sputtering Cathode Services
To learn more about how we service you and your TORUS® sputter sources, click here.
Magnetron Performance Optimization Guide
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Choose the series, flange size, axial stroke, actuation option, and end-effector. Next, compose the order code as shown, below.

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7. Shutter:
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Accessories Table

  Accessory Type Description PartNo Price Add
  Accessory Type Description PartNo Price Add
Interconnect Cable
Type HN Plug To Type N Plug, RG213, 3ft LG
Interconnect Cable
Type N Plug To Type N Plug, RG213, 3ft LG
Interconnect Cable
Type N Plug To Pigtail (1/4"Ring Lug Center Connector And Flying Ground Wire), RG213, 3ft LG
Interconnect Cable
Type N Plug To UHF Plug, RG213, 3ft LG
Power Supply
1kW DC, Typically Recommended For 1", 2", And 3" Cathodes
DC01BP-2U $5,950.00
Power Supply
2kW DC , Typically Recommended For 3" And 4" Cathodes
DC02BP-2U $6,600.00
Power Supply
500 Watt DC, 85-275V Input
PD500X1 P.O.R.
Power Supply
1000 Watt DC, 85-275V Input
PD500X2 P.O.R.
Power Supply
1500 Watt DC, 85-275V Input
PD500X3 P.O.R.
Power Supply
300W RF, Typically Recommended For 2" And 3" Cathodes
RF03A22XX300 $9,335.00
Power Supply
600W RF, Typically Recommended For 4" Cathodes
RF06A22XX300 $12,985.00
Removal Tool
TMK 2", 3" & 4" HS and STD Magnet Removal Tool

 Notes:  Other cable lengths available by replacing the '3' with the desired length in feet.