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TORUS® 10 CA Performance Magnetron Production Cathodes

The KJLC® TORUS® 10 CA (center anode) production sputtering cathodes are designed specifically for applications using masks that are best attached directly to the sputter source. (ie. CD and DVD metallization)

The CD industry has long realized the benefits of our unique design, which features:

  • Production style, high volume sputter source
  • 6.37" diameter target with center anode design
  • 6" round center anode design
  • Dual race track designs
  • High target material utilization
  • High power versions available
  • Isolated magnet assemblies
  • A variety of mounting configurations
  • RF, DC, or Pulsed-DC operation

Specifications Table

Target Diam.6-3/6"
Target Thickness5/8"
RF, DC, Pulsed-DCYes
Power Density>500 W/in2
Direct Cooled TargetNo
Indirect Cooled TargetYes
Magnet CoolingIndirect
Axial Mount
(1.5" O.D. tube)
Flange MountYes

Dimensional Drawings

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