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     We recommend using an Intermetallic crucible when e-beam evaporating aluminum because of the crucible material’s unique properties. Intermetallic crucibles are composed of 50% Titanium Boride (TiB2) and 50% Boron Nitride (BN). Its density is 2.77 g/cc, with a thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) of 7 (in/in/°Cx10-6) and thermal conductivity of 70 (W/m°K)/25°C. This material combination works well with aluminum because the material is both lubricious and electrically conductive. The crucible is both strong and conductive, yet its lubricious properties prevent material spill-over and crucible cracking.

     While our customers report success in running aluminum out of Intermetallic crucibles, others claim that FABMATE® crucibles last longer. FABMATE® material is high-strength graphite composed of 99.9995% carbon. It has undergone purification, machining, and subjection to a proprietary carbon modification treatment from Poco Graphite, Inc. Most FABMATE® crucibles are less expensive than Intermetallic. 

Category: Evaporation Sources

Sub-Category: Crucible Liners for E-Beam Sources

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