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     Like with thermal evaporation, intermetallic crucibles work well with titanium due to the crucible liner material’s unique lubricious and conductive properties. Intermetallic crucibles are composed of titanium boride (TiB2) and boron nitride (BN). This material combination works well because the material is both lubricious and electrically conductive. The crucible is both strong and conductive, yet its lubricious properties help prevent material spill-over and crucible cracking. Graphite or FABMATE® crucible liners are available as an alternative to the intermetallic crucible liners. Graphite and FABMATE® liners tend to be less expensive than their intermetallic counterparts. However, we have found that power levels have been more stable with the intermetallic liners.

Category: Evaporation Sources

Sub-Category: Crucible Liners for E-Beam Sources

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