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     We have not yet qualified a suitable crucible liner material to use for cobalt and generally recommend evaporating it directly from the copper hearth of the e-gun. Because of this, some customers prefer to use a pre-machined slug (or starter source) that is directly placed in the hearth pocket. The two main benefits of using a starter source are ease of use and handling as well as superior packing density.

     Because not using a crucible liner is not always an option, especially in shared systems, some customers will use a copper crucible liner and place the starter source in the copper crucible liner as opposed to placing directly in the hearth. Crucible liners should be stored in a cool, dry place and always handled with gloves or forceps.

     KJLC® can produce these starter sources. Contact with your e-gun manufacturer, pocket size, and number of pockets in order for us to produce a quote.

Category: Evaporation Sources

Sub-Category: Crucible Liners for E-Beam Sources

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