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     ITO can be thermally evaporated with an alumina crucible such as our EVC9AO. It can be paired with a tungsten basket heater such as our EVB8B3030W.

     Another option would be to use a shielded, tantalum crucible heater with an alumina crucible such as our EVCH10 with EVC9AO if using a KJLC® system. Great care must be taken when installing the heater to prevent the outer shields from becoming warped which can cause a short in the heater, causing the welded joints to fail. The heater should be centered between the contacts and the outer shielding must be clear of the leads.

Correct Crucible Heater Set-Up     Incorrect Crucible Heater Set-Up
Correct - crucible heater centered,                  Incorrect - crucible heater off-center,
outer shielding clear of leads                          shielding in contact with leads/inner shielding


Category: Evaporation Sources

Sub-Category: Crucibles and Crucible Heaters

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