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BNC Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions & Specifications


  • Feature grounded or floating shields
  • Designed and rated for use in high and ultrahigh vacuum applications
  • Single-ended assemblies come with one air-side cable connector, but without vacuum-side connectors. Optional push-on contacts and vacuum-compatible cables are available
  • Double-Ended assemblies come with air side cable connector only

BNC Coaxial Connector Cabling Instructions

1) Slide locking nut, regular washer, and grommet over cable jacket. Cut and strip cable using a 3-blade coax stripping tool (RG-58).

2) Move locking nut, regular washer, and grommet towards edge of cable jacket. Push bushing into the grommet and braid — braid should be between the bushing and grommet. Place thin washer against flat side of bushing, and push insulator against the assembly to seat against the cable dielectric.

3) Press contact over conductor and press into insulator, solder in place.

4) Finally, insert cable assembly into housing and tighten locking nut.

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