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MHV Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions & Specifications


  • Feature grounded or floating shields
  • Designed and rated for use in high and ultrahigh vacuum applications
  • Suitable for cryogenic temperatures
  • Single-ended assemblies come with one air-side cable connector, but without vacuum-side connectors. Options include power push-on contacts and vacuum cable assemblies
  • Double-Ended assemblies come with air side only

NOTE: Do not crossmate MHV feedthroughs with BNC feedthroughs. MHV feedthroughs are rated at higher voltages.

MHV Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions

1) Slide locking nut, washer, and gasket over cable jacket. Cut outer jacket as below.

2) Move clamp over braiding and seat against cable jacket. Fold braid wires back and over clamp. Trim braid flush with larger end of clamp. Trim dielectric as below and tin exposed conductor.

3) Fit contact over conductor and solder in place.

4) Finally, insert cable assembly into housing and tighten locking nut.

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