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Multi-Pin/Threaded (MPT) Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions & Specifications


  • 3 to 7 pins
  • Feature a threaded connector
  • Used for low current applications up to 500V
  • Available only as single-ended feedthroughs
  • Includes air-side cable connector

MPT Connectors, Low-Current (Threaded) Cabling Instructions

Exploded View

1) Undo Strain Relief Set Screw and Insulator Screw, Slide Strain-Relief Spring and Shell over cable. Strip cable and individual conductors, wet conductor with 60–40 tin–lead solder.

2) Slide heat-shrink insulation over each conductor, exposing stripped section (Not required with 5- and 7-pin connectors). Coil each conductor to fit over contacts, solder in place using 60–40 tin–lead solder. Contacts on 5- and 7-pin connectors should be bent in slightly to enable fitting of the coiled conductors. If conductors are not suitable for coiling, use straight lap with adequate solder.

3) Slide heat-shrink cable insulation over each solder joint, covering all exposed metal (Not required with 5- and 7-pin connectors). Heat and shrink insulation at approximately 135°C.

4) Slide Shell over Insulator/Contact Assembly. Align Shell and Insulator holes and fasten Insulator Screw. Slide Strain Relief Spring into shell and fasten Strain Relief Set Screw.

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