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SHV-10 Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions & Specifications


  • Designed and rated for use in high and ultrahigh vacuum applications
  • Constructed of vacuum-grade materials, including 304 stainless steel shells, nickel conductor pins, high-purity alumina ceramic insulation, and vacuum-tube-grade braze alloys
  • Recessed female contacts in cable connectors reduce the possibility of electrical shock while preventing cross-mating with BNC or MHV style components

SHV-10 Coaxial Connector Cabling Instructions

1) Slide shrink tubing and grip sleeve over cable jacket. Cut and strip cable jacket, braided shield and dielectric, as illustrated. Be careful not to nick the conductor.

2) Wet exposed conductor using a non-acid core 60/40 tin/lead solder. Then, slide cable gasket on conductor and solder contact in place. Take care to not overheat cable dielectric. Flare out cable braid, being careful not to fray.

3) Slide connector onto cable assembly and under flared braid, being careful not to pinch or otherwise damage cable seal. Guide contact shoulder so that it butts against shell insulator. Slide grip sleeve over braid until it butts against shell, crimp in place (recommended crimp tool KTH-1000, die KTH-2001).

4) Slide shrink wrap over grip sleeve and apply heat to secure. Finally, slide interface seal into shell until it bottoms out evenly around contact.

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