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MPC Circular Feedthroughs Cabling Instructions & Specifications


  • 3 to 41 pins
  • Features connectors which meet MIL-C-26482 specification
  • Used for low current applications up to 1kV
  • Available as single- and double-ended feedthroughs

Specifications Table

Conductor MaterialStainless Steel;
Gold Plated
Insulator MaterialGlass-Ceramic
ConnectionBayonnet Atm Side;
Screw Thread Vac Side
Vacuum ApplicationHV or UHV
Temperature Range
(for metal seals)
Weld adapter, CF: -269°C to +450°C
Temperature Range
(for elastomer seals)
KF, O-Ring, NPT: -25°C to +205°C
Temperature Max. Ramp Rate25°C / Minute
Max. Current5A (Per Pin)
Max. Voltage1kV
Number of Pins3-41
Air-Side Connector -55°C to +35°C
Vac-Side Connector
(PEEK Insulation)
-269°C to +200°C

* For feedthrough in the group with the most pins and all pins loaded.

Cabling Instructions

Air Side Crimp Cabling Instructions

1) Exploded View


2) Strip end of wire to dimension shown. Insert wire fully into contact, wire should be visible in inspection hole. Crimp wire to contact crimp between end of contact and inspection hole.

3) Slide contact and wire through clamp, then slide contact and wire into red end of insertion tool. Begining from the center cavity and working outwards in a circular pattern, insert wired contacts into plug. Push tool straight into cavity until contact snaps into position. A light pull on the wire will assure that the contact is securely in position. Remove insertion tool and repeat.


4) Tighten clamp onto plug.


Vacuum Side Crimp Cabling Instructions

Instuction steps:
1) Insert wires through contact retainer and crimp to contacts.
2) After crimping seat contacts into plug.
3) Insert contact retainer into plug.
4) Install retaining ring into groove in back of plug.