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Type R Loops - KF Flange

We manufacture these Type R thermocouple feedthroughs to transfer a thermocouple’s EMF through a vacuum chamber wall to a device. Rated for high and ultrahigh vacuum applications (depending on mounting termination).

Type R Thermocouple Feedthroughs Feature:

  • Feature positive wires made of Copper and negative wires made of Alloy 11 (Type R extension grade wires)
  • Temperature range from 0° C to 1,540° C
  • Both air-side and vacuum-side terminate in loops and include a stainless steel nut and screw to facilitate thermocouple attachment
Feedthrough Connection
Follow the link below to view feedthrough connection examples.
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  • special case note
    Because both Type R and Type S thermocouples use identical extension grade wires, Type R feedthroughs can also be used for Type S.
  • special case note
    The electrical and thermal ratings specified are of safe operating limits determined by various factors including material properties, mechanical design, and the intended operating environment. All electrical ratings are based on operation with one side in dry atmosphere and the other side in vacuum of less than 1 x 10-4 Torr. All VacuCAD files as well as any dimensions shown or listed in our ordering tables do not include manufacturing tolerances and are provided for reference only.
  • special case note
    Negative polarity conductor(s) are longer on the vacuum side.

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Feedthrough Selection Guide
Feedthrough Selection Guide
Finding the right feedthrough has never been easier with our step by step Feedthrough Selection Guide. You can narrow down our feedthrough offering by simply choosing from a variety of different options suitable to your requirements. If you can't find the feedthrough you need or want a custom configuration, please contact us by clicking here or call +1 800 245 1656 with your inquiry.
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