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Quick Connect Couplings

Quick connect couplings are used to seal common-size tubing to vacuum manifolds or chambers. They are ideal for frequently changed vacuum components or for sealing a glass tube to a metal vacuum chamber, as in glass ion gauges.

Quick Connect Couplings Feature:

  • No tools required for inserting / removing tubes.
  • Couplings are sized by the O.D. of the tube they seal.
  • Material - 304 stainless steel body with 303 stainless steel nut.
  • Available in either "thin wall" or "thick wall" construction.
  • Couplings come standard with Buna-N O-rings. Fluorocarbon replacements are available in the Ordering Table below.

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  • Care should be taken not to chip, crack or over tighten the compression fitting on glass neck tubes.
  • We do NOT recommend soft soldering for anything but a temporary joint in a rough vacuum environment. Additionally, we recommend using a high quality thread lubricant on all stainless steel threads (sold below).

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