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Hydraulically (Hydro) Formed Bellows — CF Flanged (Braided Wall)

We fabricate these CF flanged hydro formed bellows for HV systems from 300 series stainless steel flexible hoses and 304L stainless steel CF flanges.

Hydraulically (Hydro) Formed Bellows Feature:

  • MH-Series Bellows:
    • Fabricated from thin 300 Series stainless steel
    • Withstand many flexing cycles
  • Braided Flexible Hoses: Braided sheath helps protect convoluted hose from damage
  • Short Flexible Hoses: Often used to correct minor component misalignments
  • Longer Flexible Hoses: Work as roughing lines
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Contact Us
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  • UPS will deliver a maximum length of 8'. Lengths over 8' require special packaging and shipping (motor freight) at an additional nominal cost. Customer can approve other packaging/shipping methods.
  • Short flexible hose connectors are often used to correct minor component misalignments while longer flexible hose connectors are ideal for use as roughing lines.

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Accessories Table

Description For Per Package Manual
Part Number Price In Stock Add Item
Description For Per Package Manual
Part Number Price In Stock Add Item
Gasket Clips, For All Conflat (CF) Flange Sizes, (10) Per Package All CF Flanges 10 Download PDF
P.O.R. In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN16CF (1.33" OD) Flange , 0.837" OD, 0.640" ID, (10) Per Package 1-1/3" (DN16CF) Flanges 10
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$21.05 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN25 (2.125" OD) Flange, 1.291" OD, 1.010" ID, (10) Per Package 2-1/8" (DN25CF) Flanges 10
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$24.05 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN35CF-DN40CF (2.75" OD) Flange, 1.895" OD, 1.451" ID, (10) Per Package 2-3/4" (DN35-DN40CF) Flanges 10
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$27.35 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN50CF (3.375" OD) Flange, 2.425" OD, 2.010" ID, (10) Per Package 3-3/8" (DN50CF) Flanges 10
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$31.10 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN63CF (4.50" OD) Flange, 3.243" OD, 2.506" ID, (10) Per Package 4-1/2" (DN63CF) Flanges 10
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$37.20 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN100CF (6.00" OD) Flange, 4.743" OD,4.006" ID, (10) Per Package 6" (DN100CF) Flanges 10
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$55.30 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN125CF (6.75" OD) Flange, 5.567" OD x 5.010" ID, (10) Per Package 6-3/4" (DN125CF) Flanges 10
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$66.35 In Stock
Gasket, Copper, DN160CF (8.00" OD) Flange, 6.743" OD, 6.007" ID, (10) Per Package 8" (DN160CF) Flanges 10
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$78.40 In Stock
Gasket Removal Tool, For All Conflat (CF) Flange Sizes All CF Flanges 1
$38.20 In Stock
Thread Lubricant, 4 Ounce Tube All CF Flanges 1
P.O.R. In Stock
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