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Hydraulically (Hydro) Formed Bellows (Process Lines) Unbraided VCR Fittings

We fabricate these VCR fitting process lines (hydraulically (hydro) formed bellows) from 300 series stainless steel flexible hoses.

VCR Process Lines Features:

  • Seam-welded to eliminate the virtual leaks with lap-welded seams
  • Various combinations of male and female VCR fittings and lengths available
  • Braided flexible hoses process lines feature a sheath which helps to protect the hose from damage
  • Unbraided flexible Hoses: Extend up to 10% beyond their live length and compress up to 15%
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Contact Us
To contact someone directly, please click here, or call +1 412 387 9200 to get in contact with your dedicated sales team.
  • UPS will deliver a maximum length of 8'. Lengths over 8' require special packaging and shipping (motor freight) at an additional nominal cost. Customer can approve other packaging/shipping methods.

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