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Wire Seal Flanges

Wire seal flanges are sexed—with male/female flanges forming a mating pair that captures an OFHC copper "o-ring" gasket under extreme compression. The material of choice is 304L stainless although 316L stainless may be available as a custom material.

The flanges' design constrains the gasket's flow to form a seal between them. Wire seal flanges can be used over the same temperature/pressure ranges as CF flanges. They are used where tube dimensions exceed those of standard CF flanges.

There are three types:

  • Bored ring flanges
  • Flat blank flanges
  • Domed blank flanges

The last uses a thin gauge spherical cap to blank off a ring flange—a considerable weight-saving device, compared to the flat blank flange. Manufacturers used the flange's nominal O.D. to define the size.

While wire seal designs are similar among manufacturers, it is unlikely that a male flange from one manufacturer will match a female flange from another.

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