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KF (QF) HV Centering Rings (Aluminum)

The KF (QF) Centering Rings serve as crucial components for the secure mating of KF flanges, which are commonly utilized in through- and foreline vacuum plumbing systems, as well as in basic high-vacuum (HV) chamber ports. These assemblies consist of both the centering ring and the accompanying o-ring to ensure a reliable seal.

Technical Features of KF (QF) Centering Rings include:

  1. Material Options: The rings are available in a variety of robust materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, to cater to specific application requirements and environmental conditions.
  2. O-Ring Compatibility: our standard Stainless Steel and Aluminum Centering Rings utilize either fluorocarbon or Buna-N (Nitrile) o-rings, offering versatility and adaptability based on the chemical resistance and temperature range requirements of the system.

These advanced KF Centering Rings provide a solid foundation for a secure and effective vacuum system by facilitating the proper alignment and sealing of KF flanges.

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