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Economy Oil-Change Cart & Accessories

Makes routine oil changes easier for awkwardly placed vacuum pumps and those containing hazardous materials.


  • Eliminates both cross contamination between fresh and contaminated fluid and fluid spillage
  • Great for semiconductor fabrication lines and chemical processing facilities featuring strict preventative maintenance programs
  • A variety of low-cost options and adapters makes this unit an excellent value for the majority of oil-change applications

NOTE: The plastic tanks, open to the atmosphere, must not be used for oils containing hazardous or toxic chemicals.

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Ordering Table

All dimensions listed below, unless otherwise stated, are in grams.

Description Part No. Price Add
To Cart
Description Part No. Price Add
To Cart
Flushing Line and Valve 
QCFC-005 P.O.R.
Line Extension 
QCFC-010 P.O.R.
Clipboard Surface 
QCFC-016 P.O.R.
Female Quick-Disconnects Cart 
QCFC-019 $45.00
Male Quick-Disconnects 
QCFC-020 $23.00
NPT Male (Welch) Pump Adapter (1/8") 
QCFC-031 P.O.R.
BSP Male (Edwards, 1/8") 
QCFC-031E $46.00
NPT Male (Welch) Pump Adapter (1/4") 
QCFC-032 P.O.R.
BSP Male (Edwards, 1/4") 
QCFC-032E P.O.R.
NPT Male (Welch) Pump Adapter (3/8") 
QCFC-033 P.O.R.
BSP Male (Edwards, 3/8") 
QCFC-033E P.O.R.
NPT Male (Welch) Pump Adapter (1/2") 
QCFC-034 P.O.R.
BSP Male (Edwards, 1/2") 
QCFC-034E $70.00
BSP Male (Edwards, 3/4") 
QCFC-036E P.O.R.
Male (Alcatel) Pump Adapter (1/4") 
QCFC-041 P.O.R.
Male (Alcatel) Pump Adapter (3/8") 
QCFC-042A $121.00
BSP Male (Edwards, 1") 
QCFC-049E $222.00
Economy Oil-Change Cart with 5-Gallon Container 
QCFC-100 $3,595.00