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Apiezon T Hydrocarbon Greases

Apiezon®T is a filled hydrocarbon grease used for general sealing and lubricating applications in the medium temperature range (optimum consistency temperatures of 25-50°C). The high molecular weight polymer additive property of Apiezon® T grease gives a tenacious consistency to provide extra cushioning between mated surfaces, and therefore, absorbing vibrations in equipment like Apiezon® N grease. Apiezon® T also contains cohesive strength where it keeps mated joints together in an efficient gas tight seal. The strong absorption properties of Apiezon® T grease allows it to absorb greasy or chemical impurities on metal and glass surfaces, which is useful in the electronic industry because cleanliness of metal surfaces is required.


  • General sealant and lubricant in the medium temperature range
  • Relatively high melting point makes it useful within the temperature range 10° C to 120° C
  • Silicone free
  • "Sticking" power
  • Similar to Apiezon® H with vacuum properties
  • Approval by NATO and US Navy
  • Barrier to oxygen transmission in both vacuum and non-vacuum use


Apiezon® T grease has no contamination effect on electrical equipment and is easily removed through use of water, soapy water, hydrocarbon solvents (Limonene, Toluene, Xylene) or chlorinated solvents (Trichloroethylene). When Apiezon® T is removed, it also takes away trace impurities that are not removed by solvents alone.


Specifications Table

Vapor Pressure
@20°C: 4.6 x 10-9
Specific Gravity
0.912 (g/cc)
Melting Point
112-137 (°C)
Temperature Range
10 to 120 (ºC), Optimum: 25 to 50 (ºC), Soft: 50 to 120 (ºC)
Coeff. of Expansion
20-30 °C: 0.00073 (cm/°C)
Volume Resistivity
3.3 x 1012 (ohm cm)
Loss Tangent
Surface Breakdown at
Flash Over
24 (kV)
Electric Strength
730 (V/mil)

Vacuum Properties

Apiezon® T grease exhibits vacuum properties in the lower to medium vacuum range at higher operating temperature ranges (50-120 °C). However, at lower temperatures (<50 °C) Apiezon® T grease can be used in the high vacuum range.

Shelf Life

It is strongly recommended using all fluids and greases at the time of receipt, however when storage is necessary, rotate older stock into use first and observe the recommended parameters listed below.

Apiezon Fluids


All Apiezon products have a shelf life of 10 years if unopened in their original container and stored at ambient temperatures. If the product has been opened, resealed and then stored in a clean, dry, dark environment under ambient conditions in the original container, it should last up to 10 years, but this is not guaranteed.

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Ordering Table

All dimensions listed below, unless otherwise stated, are in grams.

Description Grade Size Safety Data Sheet Part Number Price In Stock Add To Cart
Description Grade Size Safety Data Sheet Part Number Price In Stock Add To Cart
APIEZON T 25GM TUBE HC VAC GREASE Apiezon T 25 g SDS for APTB APTB $224.00 In Stock
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