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TorrLube® High Vacuum Lubricant

TorrLube® vacuum lubricants are created and treated to perform their best under the most critical high temperature, high vacuum, applications. TorrLube® oils are specially formulated to lower their vapor pressure while increasing their lubricity over a broad temperature range. Proprietary distillation and filtration of our oils creates a pure synthetic with better overall characteristics than other vacuum lubricants. TorrLube® lubricants are nonreactive in oxygen and chemical service. They are incredibly long lasting which leads to extended lubrication intervals, longer equipment life, and less downtime.

Why use an oil lubricant rather than grease
1) One primary reason is that oil does not contain any of the solids required to formulate grease.
2) Better heat transfer and higher speed.

TorrLube oils create thicker films and carry higher loads than other types of vacuum lubricants. They are excellent hydro dynamic lubricants because they thicken and gain viscosity when under load thereby creating larger film thickness on bearings surfaces which allows for better lubricity and less wear. The result is extended life of the component. TorrLube® oils do not break down when subjected to high rates of shear.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the proper lubricant. One of the most important physical factors is Viscosity. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid`s resistance to flow when subjected to external force.The Viscosity Index (VI), details the rate of change in viscosity of a lubricant when subjected to varying temperatures. Understanding both the Viscosity and the Viscosity Index of the oil you`re going to use is critical to predicting the performance of the lubricant. A low Viscosity Index indicates that the oil`s viscosity changes more rapidly with a change in temperature. Conversely a higher Viscosity Index indicates a much lower rate of change.

TorrLube has very high Viscosity Indexes. A key advantage to a higher VI is that the oil will not thicken, or gain in viscosity at low temperatures the way oil with a low VI would. TorrLube® has its lowest coefficient of friction at “0” speed and this is very beneficial because it virtually eliminates “Stick-Slip”. Stick Slip makes it harder for bearings, or a switch, gear, slide, robotic arm, to begin movement smoothly.


  • No evidence of reaction with fluorine at 200° C, chlorine trifluoride at 50° C, molten NaOH, alcohol at RT, or boiling sulfuric acid
  • TorrLube® does not burn
  • TorrLube® lubricates fine mechanical devices as well as devices emitting high-pressure loadings in the atmosphere
  • TorrLube® conforms to the requirements of the semiconductor industry
  • TorrLube® has no metals that could cause chamber contamination.
  • TorrLube® has no non-metal solids, e.g. silicon ball fillers
  • TorrLube® has high thermal conductivity to minimize temperature difference between surface exposed to heat flux and heat sink surface.
  • TorrLube® is thermally stable up to 350° C
  • TorrLube® is 500 cSt oil at 40° C. TorrLube® has High Viscosity so that no fluid flows out between the solid surfaces.

Specifications Table

Vapor Pressure
20°C: 8 x 10-10 100°C: 6 x 10-7 200°C: 7.5 x 10-5
Pour Point
@20ºC 1738 cSt, @40ºC 505 cSt, @100ºC 48 cSt
Temperature Range
20°C - 325°C
Viscosity Index
0°C: 1.97 100°C: 1.80
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Ordering Table

All dimensions listed below, unless otherwise stated, are in grams.

Description Grade Size Safety Data Sheet Part Number Price In Stock Add To Cart
Description Grade Size Safety Data Sheet Part Number Price In Stock Add To Cart
TORRLUBE,HIGH VACUUM LUBRICANT, 1 CC TorrLube 1 cc SDS for SF11711 SF11711 $168.00 In Stock
TORRLUBE,HIGH VACUUM LUBRICANT 2 X 60cc TorrLube 2 x 60 cc SDS for SF14514 SF14514 $1,650.00 Contact KJLC for Availability
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