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KL-320K Vacuum Epoxy Glue

Use these epoxy adhesives for vacuum sealing or structural bonding in vacuum chambers.


  • Milky-colored epoxy glue with high electrical resistivity and excellent resistance to solvents, lubricants, alcohol, mild acids, and alkalies
  • Used for structural joining inside the vacuum envelope where nuts/bolts are inappropriate. For example: Mounting a component to a thin chamber wall where drilling or tapping are not possible.

NOTE: Open the package and remove one sachet. Slide the separator from the sachet’s center to enable the components to mix. Knead the sachet, thoroughly mixing the contents to a uniform consistency. Slit open the package and apply the epoxy as required.

Although warming any epoxy (between 50° C and 80° C) during curing shortens the curing time and increases the final bond strength, it leads to initially decreasing viscosity and may cause drips—leading to unintended seals and additional outgassing.

Specifications Table

Thermal Conductivity
Coeff. of Expansion
55 x 10-6 cm/°C
Volume Resistivity
@25°C: 6 x 1013 ohm-cm @100°C: 1 x 1010 ohm-cm
Uncured Resin
Milky paste
Tensile Shear
@25°C: N/A
Shelf Life
@Room Temp.: 4-5 mo
Pot Life
@Room Temp.: 30 mins
Cure Cycle
(After Mixing)
@25°C: 18hr @65°C: 4hr
Working Temperature
-60°C to 130°C

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Vacuum Epoxy 
 7.8g BIPAX® 
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