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Edwards Needle Gas Valve

The Edwards LV10K manual fine control needle valve provides close control of a gas bleed or gas injection into a vacuum chamber. It can be mounted in a pipe-run or on a panel. A knob controls needle movement and, therefore, the gas leak rate through the valve. Resetting flow rates is aided by a pointer moving over a 100 division scale . (The scale can be rotated relative to the valve body as needed.)

The stainless steel needle is spring-seated in a replaceable brass valve seat. The constant spring pressure reduces the risk of needle damage. A fluoroelastomer 'O' ring provides the seal between the needle and the valve-body. Each valve port is fitted with sintered bronze filter to prevents particulate matter entering the valve and damaging the needle or seat.


Component Construction Materials
Model LV10K
Body HE30 aluminum
Seat Brass BS2784 C2112
Seal n/a
Needle Martensitic SS EN56AM
Filter Brass BS249
Max. flow rate
0.1 (@1 bar diff.)
Max. inlet pressure
Max. leak rate, across body
Max. leak rate, across seat
Vacuum connection QF10
Weight (oz.) 4.87

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