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KJLC® 317 Series Pirani Gauges & 947 Controller

Note The 317 gauge head and 947 controller are no longer offered. Please consider the 375/275 combo as a possible alternative and feel free to contact the KJLC product team at with any additional questions.

Ideal for rough to medium vacuum applications, including measurement of roughing and foreline pressures, activation of high vacuum sensors, or startup of a system process with the standard relay set points.


  • Convection-enhanced Pirani vacuum gauge controller
  • Digital LED display for clear, unmistakable readings
  • Wide measurement range of 10-3 to 10+3
  • Rapid responsiveness for critical applications
  • Two independent relay set-points for process control
  • Gas-type sensitivity ideal for leak detection
  • Multiple pressure unit versions available
  • CE marked


  • Zero adjust
  • Atmospheric adjust
  • Set-point functions


  • Semiconductor
  • Food processing
  • Analytical applications
  • R & D
  • Other industrial vacuum applications

Specifications Table

Measurement MethodPirani
Measurement Range1 x 10-3 to 1,000 Torr (1 to 1,333 mbar)
Communications InterfaceDigital RS-485, 9-pin, Sub-D-socket
Accuracy (% of measurement)±<1% of Decade
Temperature (operating)0-50° C
Temperature (bakeout)100° C for Shielded model (gauge tube only)
Materials Exposed to VacuumStainless steel, nickel, glass, platinum
Repeatability (Typical)5% of indicated pressure
Mounting/Installation OrientationHorizontal
Calibration GasAir/Nitrogen
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